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27 June 2022 @ 07:02 pm
Friends Lock

Introduce yourself here and i'll add you back ^_^
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20 July 2016 @ 05:29 pm
     Started playing Pokemon Go.  It is  quite addicting.  Especially when you catch a new species that you do not have.
   It still freezes once in a while that the downfall or when Poke Stops do not show up.  Caught my firtst Pikachu yesterday coming home from work yatta!
05 June 2016 @ 01:11 pm
  Summer is coming it is slowly getting hotter by the day.  Thank goodness for the tradewinds.  It has been overcast as of lately.  We need the rain.  Last time it rained really hard and for quite a bit it still was hot!  
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12 October 2013 @ 11:27 am
I miss watching Himitsu no Arashi and Arashi no Shukudaikun
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29 March 2012 @ 09:44 am

I cannot wait for this, my goodness. I wish the 12th would come already i wanna know who's outfit is who's. My mom and i guessed together and our guesses were so different.

1.Riida- this just seem's so him it's simple. Simple just screams riida lol.
2.Aiba- it just seem's like him.
3.Nino- the trench coat seem's very nino-like.
4.Sho- lol this just feels like him.
5.Matsujun- wanted to choose aiba for this one but the second one seem's like aiba too so idk.

This Mannequin five is a hard one because the outfit's are all so different plus the fourth one is wild, lol. At first i hated it and thought it looked absolutely horrible but it's growing ion me and i'm starting to like it. But i picked the first one as the one i would choose for the date outfit, it's nice and simple plus it's really stylish, i think who ever wears it would look good in the outfit. I had a hard time choosing cause i really like outfit number two too, the cardigan is really nice and overall the whole outfit is nice too but i love black and white so number one won my heart over. Plus i love the shoes that number one is wearing.
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18 June 2010 @ 11:03 pm
okay okay; seriously isn't he though i mean come on
it's yamapi now. He's actually sexy with anything .
But arn't most japanese guy's sexy when they wear glasses 8D

^^ seriously isn't that adorable [:

skeletons in the closetCollapse )
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22 May 2010 @ 11:03 pm

[b/c cherry blossom are gorgeous to me]

01.] The last time you felt really bad what was wrong?
when i drop hot oil on my , dog by mistake -- i really didn't mean to make her adobo

02.] Is there anyone who you feel you might have hurt their feelings today?

03.] Describe the most recent new piece of clothing that you've purchased.:
a tank top, it's summer now &&. it get hella hot ova here.

04.] How late were you out last night?
i never go out last night, stayed home

05.] When was the last time you had to deal with someone that you didn't really want to have anything to do with?
ahh today , out neighbours where singing using mics and stuff like they where having a concert
&&. they don't even sound good in the first place.

06.] Can you quote anything funny that's been said in conversation between you and someone from recently?
when me and my mom where talking about banana man, himura ( mogura )

07.] For whatever level of schooling you're in right now or should be in, are there any classes in particular you really wanna take?

08.] Is there anyone whose in your life that your friends and family think you should be dating though you haven't ever?

09.] When was the last time someone told you that you're beautiful?
i forget-- damn

10.] Do you try to tip people well when you order food for delivery and such?

11.] Is there anything that you're currently worried about?
right i wanna sleep .

12.] Who was the last person to surprise you?
my mom, scared the shit outta me last night.

13.] For those of you who use tumblr, do you have any favorite sites?
don't use it.

14.] Have you ever made plans with somebody then bailed with them last minute-ish?
yeahh, shit happens. well my case i just got lazy at the last minute;;
cause going depends on my mood

15.] What is something you find yourself saying a lot?
arashi cause there da bomb diggity.

16.] Will you be leaving the house today for any amount of time?
i did , went shopping.

17.] What scares you most specifically about the whole idea of growing up?
more responsibility

18.] When was the last time you saw a really embarrassing picture of yourself?
i forget

19.] Who was the last person who you deleted out of your phone?
no one

20.] What did you last eat leftovers of?

21.] By what age do you see yourself being married or at least settled down by?
30's i guess

22.] Do you know what the term lls stands for?

23.] When was the last time you made an ass of yourself?

24.] What was the last kind gesture you did for somebody?
change diaper

25.] Who do you think is the best out of Young Money?

26.] Do you see yourself going to college in the fall right after you're done with highschool?

27.] What is something that you've seen other people in your family do that you won't let happen when you're raising your own?

28.] How have you been feeling about things overall recently?
okay, im pretty content .
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